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The memoirs of the lighthearted Amelia

Mizpah, the memoirs of lighthearted Amelia, is the story of a woman who became lighthearted despite, or perhaps because of, the hurts and traumas she suffered in her life.

Her story has been written down by Regina van de Berg, who became Amelia for this. As a result, she has been able to stand in her shoes every step of the way and experience the path to lightheartedness that Amelia has taken.

The way this happened defies the boundaries we consider true and false and poses the question: can we really know who we are in essence? 

Amelia’s story teaches us that hope and desire are powerful drivers to undo injustice, where even the boundaries we perceive as final, such as death, are not as sharp as we might think. Mizpah expresses the essence of this: ‘I miss you when I’m gone’. 



Een verhaal en een stad

Het is een verhaal dat me eerder tijdens mijn sabbatical van drie maanden, naar Oxford bracht. Nu, sinds 14 februari, ben ik hier weer om

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Mizpah, the memoirs of lighthearted Amelia, is published by Red Thunderbird Publishing. 

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