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My heart beats for Storytelling, Appreciative Inquiry and Factor-C (among others)

What a pleasure it is to be able to guide trainings and sessions in an appreciative, narrative or creative way. My specialisms are Factor-C, Appreciative Inquiry and Storytelling. I also use my rich imagination, depth, life experience, didactic knowledge and the ability to put into words what comes up in sessions. I do this both physically and online. 

Here are some examples of what I can do for you and what others can do, whom I work with.

I record the proceeds

As a creative writer, I can capture the results for you in various ways. 

Please contact me for a tailor-made training course or workshop.

Highlighted workshop

How To Write Compelling Stories For Stage And Screen with Oxford University lecturer Shaun McCarthy on 19 and 20 November, 2022

You have a story that you think would make a great play or a script for film or television. But what comes first: a brilliant plot, a fascinating character, the ‘one big idea’ you want to give the audience when the curtain falls or the credits roll? What about the genre of your story? And how do you create writing style in a script or screenplay? If you are wondering where to start, help is at hand!
19 and 20 November, renowned Oxford University lecturer Shaun McCarthy will give the workshops How To Write A Compelling Story For Stage And Screen in theatre the Kampanje in Den Helder.You can also book a private consultation and discuss your story idea or get feedback on 12-15 pages of script. Check the shop or read on! 

To get an idea

Storytelling tasting

You want to write a story, or write more storylike, but how do you come up with a good idea? And once you have the idea, what narrative structure do you use to build the story? The Hero’s Journey, one of my favourite narrative structures, helps you with this. After that, you delve into the translation to your target group and the means of communicating it. Want to learn more?

For you and your team

Personal Heroes' Journeys

Do you want to go in depth for a presentation on a personal topic? Like a client of mine who had to give a presentation about women at the top? Or would you like to visualise your personal journey in a story coaching session? I help you to develop your personal heroic journey. If you want, together we can translate it into a unique presentation. 

Also fun: develop your team story!

To learn from experience

Heroes' journeys in projects

I also use the narrative structure Journey of the Hero to evaluate and visualise projects, and in fact all kinds of issues. For inspiration, I make heroic journeys of inspiring people. They are given a place in the programme that I design and facilitate for you. I deliver a narrative report. 

Online and live

Creative sessions

In the years that I have been designing and facilitating sessions as a trainer and facilitator, I have filled my backpack with methods, techniques and ideas to guide your meeting. This can be done online and physically. 

It would be great if you would invite me to discuss this with you. 

Collect a wealth of stories

Appreciative communication

Did you know that with the intervention method Appreciative Inquiry (and with generative questions) you can get a wealth of information and inspiration from the stories people tell? And that you can apply this very well in your daily work, and in communication and participation processes? I would love to teach you how to do that. For instance in a workshop on appreciative communication.

In partnership with Publiec

Working with Factor-C

For many years now, I have been training municipalities and water boards in working in an environmentally-aware way with Factor-C. I usually do this on behalf of and in cooperation with Publiec. I can also facilitate your communication issue with the help of Factor-C, both on location and online.


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