About Regina van de Berg

Author of All the Women in Me, trainer and facilitator. Passionate about learning. Love stories.

Writer, trainer and facilitator with a love of stories

Appreciative, creative, passionate about learning and fond of stories. Both inventing and writing. For myself, I write them down in books, blogs and (ideas for) films. For others in the form of key messages, inspirational stories, articles, texts and anything else that is in demand and makes my heart beat faster.

Regina van de Berg

Kennis en inspiratie

I gain knowledge and inspiration for my stories from travelling, walking, reading and watching films, immersing myself in art and culture, and absorbing everything that enriches my life. 

If there is anything I can do for you in terms of writing, let me know!

Love government jobs

Professionally, I am well versed in the world of government, including as (interim) senior communications advisor. I regularly work for administrators as a communications professional / spokesperson. 

Trainer and facilitator

In recent years, I have been active as a trainer in working in an environment-conscious way with Factor-C, appreciative enquiry and storytelling. With a lot of knowledge and experience in these disciplines in my backpack, I also design and facilitate sessions for organisational issues and team development.

What an adventure writing is

My greatest love is writing

I am happy and proud that my first novel was published in December 2021. Six years ago I started All the Women in Me. What an adventure writing and publishing that book is! I can’t wait to put more stories on paper. You can find examples of stories I’m currently working on on my Red Thunderbird Publishing page.

The red thunderbird, that's me

My company is called Red Thunderbird and that red thunderbird is me. 

Once upon a time, in an authentic North American name giving ceremony, I was given the name from which I derived my business name. It was in a phase of my life, more than twenty years ago, that I learned ‘about the Indians’ by travelling intensively back and forth for several years between the Netherlands and America and later also Canada.

I came across places and communities where I became acquainted with Indian cultures, arts and spirituality on a personal level. It was a phase that gave substance to my love of stories and thirst for knowledge about other cultures.

So part of that journey was the name. On the homepage you can read what the different legends tell about the thunderbird, stories that I have merged into my essence: 

…however, the thunderbird symbolises the overwhelming powers of nature…when, after all the violence of nature, the thunderbird rests, the earth and the air will be washed clean and, as various legends tell us, there will be abundance…

My strength is that, like a thunderbird, I fly in, help to do what is needed and for which I use all my talents and skills, intensely and with full force. I leave when the job is done and I can leave with a clear conscience. 

Regina van de Berg

Quotes that inspire me

"I believe probably the most important simple thing, beyond discipline, in any artistic work is to dare" - Maya Angelou

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