All woman in me

Without the reins

Many years ago, I sat on a horse for the first time. I deliberately say ‘sat on a horse’ instead of ‘rode a horse’, and

Second roman

Mizpah, the memoirs of the lighthearted Amelia

Een verhaal en een stad

Het is een verhaal dat me eerder tijdens mijn sabbatical van drie maanden, naar Oxford bracht. Nu, sinds 14 februari, ben ik hier weer om

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The woman who

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How To Write A Compelling Story for Stage and Screen with Shaun McCarthy

You have a story that you think would make a great play or a script for film or television. But what comes first: a brilliant plot, a fascinating character, the ‘one big idea’ you want to give the audience when the curtain falls or the credits roll? What about the genre of your story? And how do you create writing style in a script or screenplay? If you’re wondering where to start, help is at hand! Because on Saturday 19 and Sunday

All the Women in Me and the field of family therapists

Lecture by Regina van de Berg for FamilySupporters Noordkop, 22 March 2022 What are the similarities between the story of my debut novel All the Women in Me and the field of work of the twenty or so family and system therapists at FamilySupporters Noordkop, where I had the honour of giving a lecture on Wednesday 22 March? These are the generations that take centre stage. All the Women in Me is about a number of generations of women and how choices around motherhood have


How many people say, ‘I could write a book about it!’ Have you ever said that? If so, you are certainly not the only one. We are full of stories, some more vivid than others. We love to share them. But there is a lot of work involved in putting that story into book form and publishing it yourself or through a publisher. On Wednesday 19 March 2022, I gave a lecture on this subject to members of the Heerhugowaard Rotary. Based on

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