Over de samenwerking tussen Regina van de Berg en Shaun McCarthy

Begin 2022 besloot ik drie maanden sabbatical te nemen, onder meer om te gaan schrijven. Ik had in december 2021 mijn eerste roman gepubliceerd: Alle vrouwen in mij. Dat was het sluitstuk van een periode van zes jaar werken aan een idee tot het schrijven en publiceren bij mijn eigen Red Thunderbird Publishing. Het was […]

The collaboration with Shaun McCarthy

In early 2022, I decided to take a three-month sabbatical, partly to write. I had published my first novel in December 2021: All the Women in Me. That was the culmination of six years of working on an idea to writing and publishing with my own Red Thunderbird Publishing. It was also the beginning of […]

How to Write A Compelling Story for Stage and Screen with Shaun McCarthy

You have a story that you think would make a great play or a script for film or television. But what comes first: a brilliant plot, a fascinating character, the ‘one big idea’ you want to give the audience when the curtain falls or the credits roll? What about the genre of your story? And […]