Rich stories with a touch of magic that make you think

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All The Women in Me (2021)

A novel about the thoughtful and risk-averse journalist Michaela van der Geest, who struggles with the death of her mother. When it turns out that her mother is still alive, she stumbles upon a family secret that turns her life upside down. Released in December 2021.

Mizpah, the memoirs of lighthearted Amelia (2022)

Mizpah, the memoirs of lighthearted Amelia, is the story of a woman who became lighthearted despite, or perhaps because of, the hurts and traumas she suffered in her life. Released in 2022.

The Woman Who...(2022)

Collection of short stories, each dealing with a growing pains in our personal development. The messages in the stories make for surprising twists in our ingrained beliefs and in thoughts that have long since passed their sell-by date. To be published in 2022.

Rich stories with a touch of magic that make you think

About the books by Regina van de Berg

Regina van de Berg’s books and stories are published by Red Thunderbird Publishing.

This is a young publishing house: in December 2021, it published my debut novel All The Women in me. In 2022 Mizpah, the memoirs of the lighthearted Amelia and the collection of short stories The Woman Who…

I love rich stories with a touch of magic, that make you think. Stories in the magical realism genre (Isabel Allende) fascinate me because they push the boundaries of what is true and what is not true. I like to play with that myself.

Strong women

I am also fascinated by Dutch people who have emigrated to another country to try their luck. That is a theme that recurs in All the Women in Me. Just like my stories often deal with powerful women and how they came to personal development.

Travelogue stories

Because I have travelled a lot, especially to America and Canada and in recent years also Indonesia and currently England, other countries play a role in my stories. For example, read this blog about the ‘travelling’ book All The Women in Me.


Publishing house for rich stories that make you think

Although I did make two attempts to get my book published through a publisher, the urge to do it myself was just as great. From my background as a writer and communications consultant, I already knew a lot about the process, including layout, editing, production and promotion. The rest you learn quickly when you immerse yourself in it and rely on professional support. Red Thunderbird Publishing was born: a publishing house for rich stories with a touch of magic that make you think.



In the future, I am open to (modestly) publishing other people’s work, if it fits in with my publishing philosophy: rich stories with a touch of magic that make you think.

All Women in Me, read a few


Blogs about my books (soon to be translated in English)

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